Great Harvest is a place to go for whole grain bread and treats.  It is locally owned by people who love making fresh bread.  There will be fresh coffee from Charleston Coffee Roasters and breakfast goodies for the morning folks, sandwiches for the lunch crowd, and always a great selection of handcrafted whole grain breads and treats made with daily-milled flour and only pure & simple ingredients. We will have baskets and shipping boxes so you can send breads and goodies to friends and family.

We invite you to come in, get a free slice of bread, smell the fresh baked goodness, enjoy yourself and say “Hi”. We look forward to meeting you.

Traditional Ways…

At Great Harvest, we're dedicated to the traditional
ways of bread making. We're a 'low tech,' old
fashioned, scratch bakery. We use pure,
wholesome ingredients. We add no fats, oils or
preservatives. Each loaf is kneaded by hand.
It takes time and a lot of work, but we truly enjoy
keeping things deliciously simple

Whole Grains…

Our flour is the heart and soul of our bread. That's why we're both bakers and millers. At the crack of dawn each morning, we stone grind high protein Montana spring wheat into the freshest flour possible. Nothing's added or removed. This is the magic of whole grain breads and sweets. That gives each loaf a pure, rich wheat flavor you'll never taste from flour that's days old.

A Free Slice…

You can always stop in for a free, thick slice of fresh bread from our breadboard, and stick around for a while to enjoy the sights and smells of our fresh bread baking. Hungry for a sandwich? We serve sandwiches 11am-3pm daily.

Our Mission…

  • Be Loose and Have Fun
  • Bake Phenomenal Bread
  • Run Fast to Help Customers
  • Give Generously to Others